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2015-2016 CALENDAR

Sep 3

Student Orientation
Sep 8

First Day of School
Nov 23-27

Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 6

Nutcracker Performance
Dec 21-Jan 1

Christmas / New Years Break
Mar 21-28

Easter Break
Jun 11

Year End Competition / Grad
Jun 11

Last Day of School

Welcome to Camelot Academy of Arts, Science and Technology. We are a fast-growing education organization with a clear vision, a defined mission and a detailed plan to become a distintive leader in private K-12 education.

Building on a 25-year tradition of academic excellence, our day school, a WASC fully accredited PK-12 nonsectarian private school , blends the classical education model with cutting edge math and science curricula to provide our students an exceptional academic experience, and integrates music, dance, fine arts and sports programs to provide cognitive development and cultivate interest in the arts and sports.

We currently have two facilities. Our Esplanade Campus, located on a nearly 3-acre property in a great neighborhood at the base of the beautiful Orange Hills, houses our day school and some of our after-school programs, including academic tutoring, test prep, STEM Institute, School of Music and School of Fine Arts. Our Collins location, a 10,000+ sq. ft. facility, houses one of the largest performing arts training / rehearsal studio in Orange County. Large dance studios equipped with sprung floors and a concert grand piano, perfect for professional training and performance rehearsals. Music classrooms can accommodate private and group music lessons. Collins facility also provides academic tutoring and test prep programs.

Our Philosophy
Cultivating well trained minds, one at a time.

Instead of herding a large number of students towards some sort of common standards, such as AP/IB, that are often times in total disregard of students' natural gifts and career interests, we believe in working closely with EACH student and his or her family to identify the student gifts and develop those gifts and other interests.

With purpose, clarity and focus, we use rigorous curricula to help bring the best out of our students, rather than conforming our students to some rigid standards that may or may not be relevant to the development of their personal, educational and professional aspirations.

Our Pedagogy
We take a synchronized and methodical approach to cultivate a love for knowledge at a very young age, to discover the interests and gifts of the students, to develop their ability to learn for themselves, and to enable them to excel in learning and flourish in life. Our system of teaching is based on nearly ten years of researching the leading methods and curricula in Asia, Europe and the US, and experimenting in individual, small group and classroom settings with diverse groups of students.

Our Faculty

We have a highly qualified faculty of educators who have a high level of content / subject mastery and a passion to teach and mentor our youth. We are a merit-based education organization. We value substance over form. For example, we would gladly place a bio-chemist, with a PhD degree yet lack of a teaching credential, in a relevant science classroom if he or she is an effective and passionate educator.

Many of our faculty members hold masters / doctorate degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.