Camelot Young Scholar Program (CYSP)

A small number of high school freshman and sophomore students will be accepted into a world-class program, surrounded a faculty of outstanding teachers and coaches in academics, science, engineering and the arts, with sights on some of the most prestigious competitions for high school students, including Intel Science Talent Search, FIRST Robotics, International Ballet Competition (IBC) and more.

Camelot Young Scholar Program (CYSP) is far more than a regular AP/IB program. Instead of herding a large number of students towards some sort of common academic standards with limited resources, CYSP concentrates its resources and applies much higher rigor in academics, research, and most importantly, leadership development to a small and highly selective group of students. The program is designed for students with a consistent commitment for excellence, a strong desire to reach exceptional heights, and most importantly, a deep passion for goodness.

Working with parents, student and faculty, taking in consideration of students' natural gifts, personal, educational and professional aspirations, we create programs for EACH student accepted into the program.

Application Process:
  • Complete application
  • A personal essay that will tell us the candidate‚Äôs professional aspiration (what may be his or her career path and why?) and educational plan (what may be his or her top choice of college and why?)
  • Assessment test (approximate 4 hours, usually on Saturdays)
  • Scholarship audition (instrumental music and dance) if applicable
  • Interview
  • Acceptance decision
  • Enrollment

We encourage parents to explore and discuss with their candidates in regards to professional aspirations and educational plans as much as possible; however, let the candidates write their own essays. We will compare the personal essays with the essays in the assessment test.

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